What is digital painting? Is it digital photos in digital picture frames? Is it every artistic digital photo? It is digital video shot with a handy cam? Perhaps it is all three. Technically digital portrayal was born when the first IBM mainframe was used in conjunction with a digital printer to make a photo out of asterisks. This crude and ugly photo was the first digital picture ever printed. This occurred in the late 1970s. Since then, printers have improved greatly and so has the attribute of the medium. What most normal humans consider painting didn't arrive until computer programs could create a wide array of colors, images and games. This period flourished in the early 1980s. During this period we saw digital dot matrix printers produce almost life-like pictures out of tiny dots. These slow and time consuming behemoths were the cusp of the digital age and they popped out of nowhere. Most people could not afford these expensive and bulky printers that were top of the line for their day. Abstractionists in Soho quickly grabbed onto the concept and began pumping out current pictorialization with digital printers. In time, digital abstraction progressed into something that we can call the "active medium". Paintingists in Soho began to hang flatscreens and use live action in their digital abstraction. These flatscreens showed still life digital photos and live action digital video. This realm of painting is just about contemporary with today but with one exception. This type of show was popular in the Soho community among bohemians except that there was something lost in the digital hype. Art has a strong history of personality. There is something lost when microchips do the painting, and these up-to-date exhibits lacked character. This was true until 2007. The latest craze in digital pictorialization is to recreate the past using a digital filter on cutting-edge photos. This branch of painting is exploding as the commercial requests for it come pouring in. This branch comes from the fact that these paintingistic filters can be used to transform average digital photos into elaborate impressionist paintings. This can be done with a standard filter and an unique photo. Commercially this pursuit has found success for the reason that when it is paired with an first-rate color printer, it produces what looks like custom paintings on canvas. Pictorializationists can take a basic digital photo and transform it into a "faux masterpiece". The public simply can't get enough of this. These digital forgeries are rag in the bucks. When these photos are printed out on canvas, the look like a classic impressionist portrayal. during the Christmas 2005 holiday season), but there are still some holdouts. Great strides have been made in digit. An article about digital photography and digital cameras Learn what a digital camera exactly is and what you can do with such an innovated machine. Follow the tips and the secrets in this article and then, maybe you will learn something about the history and the capabilities of digital photography. Digital p. Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Printing Digital printing is known to be among the most amazing processes. It gained massive popularity since it was first introduced to the printing industry. The reason for its popularity is due to certain advantages that a user can get when he or she uses this . Lord Abnev Graphics free imagesgraphic design art100% Free To Embed Social Pages Graphic Images BIO (SHORT)Lord Abnev graphic artist show with tons of free embeddable graphics ranging many topics. Use for your own social page. graphic arts,graphic design art,graphic art,graphic design artists,freelance graphic designer,graphic design company,graphic. Recover lost photos from hard drive The Digital camera is capable of storing photos, video and audio files with the help of memory card used in it. The Digital camera has become very popular to professional photographers because it is easy to take photos and get it printed immediately. The .